FOD Futures – Amir, Vlad, Amara and Zoe

As we head further and further into 2019, Fleetondemand is continuing its push for growth and we are proud to welcome new members across 3 departments within our company. In this edition of FOD Futures, we introduce (from left to right) Amir, Vlad, Amara, and Zoe.


Amir Ali is an SDC Technical Consultant from Bradford. He previously worked at PlusNet as a Technical Support Advisor, with most of his experience coming from a customer service and support background. Fleetondemand appealed to Amir for its potential for progression, alongside being involved in an industry he has a passion for. With a passion for automobiles, Amir buys and sells cars in his spare time alongside helping to run a family garage.

Amir is especially looking forward to increasing his knowledge surrounding technical support and discovering opportunities for progression within Fleetondemand.


Vlad Alexa joined Fleetondemand as an iOS developer. Living in Shipley, Vlad came from a small start-up where he worked as the lead developer for iOS, maintaining their existing codebase, training junior developers and setting the groundwork for the next generation of their rota management software. Whilst there, he wrote and released a product entirely by himself! Vlad felt the role at Fleetondemand was a perfect fit for him, representing the kind of larger, focused organisation he was looking for.

In Fleetondemand, Vlad likes the transparency of the company and the way in which things are handled, as it allows him to be more productive in the workplace.

In his spare time Vlad tries to keep himself away from any screens, trying to play snooker, table tennis and pursuing photography whenever he can.


Amara Melechi is a Digital Sales Executive who recently joined Fleetondemand. With previous experience working in a marketing and finance company, Amara has also worked in the TV and Theatre industry in the past. At University, Amara also volunteered as a youth worker.

Amara joined Fleetondemand as it provided her with the opportunity to grow her sales and customer-facing skills alongside a fast-developing company. She finds Fleetondemand very different from any other place she has worked before and is currently loving the challenge of adapting to a new environment.

In her spare time, she spends a lot of time singing, reading, writing poetry and attending gigs or theatre shows. Amara seems to have an interest in anything and everything creative!

The prospect of career development within Fleetondemand, coupled with the existing potential of Mobilleo means Amara has high hopes for her time within this company.



Zoe Thompson is a new recruit to the FOD Family, joining as a SDC Executive. She has previously worked for Etihad Airways where she was employed as a member of the cabin crew, where she spent 3 years living in Dubai.

After working mostly in cities in her past roles, Fleetondemand’s location in Saltaire appealed to Zoe as a nice change of environment and pace. Combined with the welcoming nature of the company, Zoe has felt at home in Fleetondemand.

As the happy owner of 4 dogs, Zoe enjoys caring for them and taking them on long walks. Her additional interests include researching different types of skincare and cosmetics.

Zoe is excited to pursue progression opportunities in Fleetondemand and hopes to someday reach a Supervisor or Team Leader position, which will help to develop her skills and capability within her role.