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FOD Pool

Centralised provision, management and reporting of pool fleet vehicles.

Manage flexible rental, own vehicle usage, driver information and reporting with GT Suite for better fleet management decisions.
Optimise costs by paying only for vehicles you need. Swap, extend or off-hire vehicles to easily flex your fleet up or down.
Reduce the admin and costs associated with grey fleet vehicle management, maintenance, insurance and compliance.

Streamline your pool fleet management

FOD Pool simplifies the process of booking, managing and reporting on your company’s pool fleet vehicles. With real-time access to vehicle and driver information through our GT Suite platform, you can make informed decisions, optimise vehicle allocation, and ensure compliance with company policies.

Say goodbye to the administrative burdens of traditional pool fleet management and focus on what matters most – your business growth.

Scale your pool fleet up or down with ease

FOD Pool allows you increased flexibility to adapt your pool fleet to match your changing requirements. In addition to managing your company’s own vehicles, you can scale your pool fleet up or down at short notice via GT Suite with instant access to our 28 day+ and 90 day+ mid-term vehicle rental services.

FOD Pool offers the agility you need to keep your business moving forward. With the option to flex your pool fleet quickly and easily without any long-term contracts involved, you can continuously optimise your fleet to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Prioritise safety and compliance

The safety of your employees is paramount, and FOD Pool helps you prioritise it when using our fully integrated mid-term rental services. By shifting the responsibility of vehicle maintenance, insurance, and compliance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your employees are driving well-maintained and compliant vehicles that comply with duty of care responsibilities.

This not only enhances the safety of your workforce but also reduces your company's exposure to potential legal and financial risks associated with utilising long-term lease and grey fleet vehicles for business related journeys.

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