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Fleetondemand is a Technology company at the heart of the Drive for Mobility globally.

Today our technology is used to power thousands of business journeys across next-generation business and consumer mobility applications. We are solving the challenges of global and local multi-modal business journeys every day by connecting both private and public transportation providers into one single mobile-first experience for individuals, corporates, rental companies, leasing companies, transit authorities, and operators.

Connected Automotive Assets

Car Rental / Car Leasing / Car Club / Car Share / Peer to Peer / Ride Hailing / Taxi / Car Subscription / Chauffeur

The world of usership, instead of ownership, is among us across the global automotive marketplace. Whether you’re hiring or leasing a car to hailing a cab or an Uber, all of these business models involve the car, a driver, a price, and a method of payment. The time spent organising and booking journeys can be wasteful and cost businesses millions in wasted time every year. Our technology is the first to consolidate all modes of ground transport service providers into one mobility platform designed specifically for business usage. You can find, book & pay for your business travel in a single click.

Total Cost of Mobility

The corporate agenda is driving the consolidation of fleet and travel into one single data solution. Until now businesses have run their fleet and travel programmes as separate areas of business without ever truly understanding the total cost of business travel. Our technology helps our customers make better business decisions about their mobility strategy to reduce wastage, improve productivity and protect profits.

Our state-of-the-art Mobility-as-a-Service Mobilleo system (available on desktop, iOS and Android devices) is already helping global businesses unify these essential business functions so they can make informed decisions about the future of global mobility by better understanding their total cost of mobility.


MaaS, or Mobility-as-a-Service, is the key phrase used to describe a single connected consumer transit experience within cities. MaaS is positioned as an alternative to not just car ownership, but traditional travel.

Our platform powers Mobilleo, the first MaaS platform dedicated to business users. BMaaS has a much broader agenda to the conventional thinking in the consumer space. It must be global and also city-to-city to enable the many wider needs of businesses. One size will not fit all in BMaaS and our Mobilleo platform is first of a kind to power this.

Business Data & Intelligence

The absolute key to the Drive for Mobility is data and intelligence. Data touches all aspects of successful mobility technology experiences and initiatives. Without it businesses are incapable of making sound business decisions to affect performance.

Connecting all transportation providers, routing, ticketing, payments, user preferences, security, expenses, compliance, accessibility and detailed business reporting are all key to powering our technology solutions and helping generate actionable insights. All of your travel data, stored securely in the cloud.

Our technology unites the world’s leading transportation providers into one solution. Here are some of the partners we work with:

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