It’s time to move. 5 key considerations when choosing a ground transport services provider

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  • Are colleagues booking taxis independently or on an ad-hoc basis, making it difficult to track expenses? The use of a centralised management system can make sure all transport is accounted for.
  • Outsourcing ground transport to a specialised provider allows fleet and business travel managers to focus on their core responsibilities, enhance service quality, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Read to the end to hear all about the benefits of a managed ground transport provider, or speak to the experts about your individual needs by arranging a call with Fleetondemand. ‍

Managing travel or fleet requirements for a business, especially ground transportation, can be a challenging task. It entails balancing costs, always ensuring vehicle availability, handling last-minute changes, and meeting the varied needs of employees and your business. Along with this, there’s the responsibility of adhering to corporate policies, local laws, and ensuring employee safety.

One of the current challenges in the ground transportation industry is the unmanaged nature of services, which often leads to uncontrolled costs. For example, when taxis are booked independently or on an ad-hoc basis, and not through a company account, keeping track of these costs can become an uphill task. A key consideration when choosing a ground transport provider, therefore, should be the availability of a centralised management system.

Outsourcing to a professional ground transport provider can be a solution that lifts this burden from your shoulders. An experienced provider will have a wide variety of vehicles available to meet diverse needs, even at short notice. They can handle the complexities of cost management and negotiations with service providers while ensuring high-quality service for your employees.

A dedicated provider would also be well-equipped to navigate through local laws and regulations, ensuring full compliance. The robust safety protocols in place ensures your employees' security, fulfilling your duty of care responsibilities. Moreover, with sophisticated technology solutions, tracking and managing vehicle rentals becomes significantly easier, more efficient, and transparent.

Outsourcing your ground transport needs can provide you with more time and resources to focus on strategic tasks, enhance traveller satisfaction, and potentially achieve greater cost efficiency. We offer our GT suite centralised management platform where all bookings, regardless of their nature, are made and captured. This system reduces the risk of uncontrolled costs and offers a clear overview of all your transportation expenses.

Here are five important aspects to consider when selecting a provider of ground transport services.


As a fleet or business travel manager, dealing with vehicle rentals and their associated costs can be complex and time-consuming. That's where Fleetondemand steps in, offering a price model that combines affordability, flexibility, and convenience to support your every need.

Firstly, our top-notch finance team takes the hassle out of billing. They ensure every invoice is accurate for each vehicle or journey you book with us, boasting an impressive invoice accuracy rate of over 99%.

Moreover, we offer highly competitive fixed rates throughout the UK, covering maintenance, breakdown, and unlimited mileage. This allows you to manage all your rentals through our GT Suite platform, where booking is immediate, billing is automated, and powerful MI reporting is at your fingertips.

Whether you want to outsource the entire rental process or keep it in-house, our dedicated relationship managers can tailor a flexible, cost-effective solution to keep your employees on the move. Additionally, our billing and payment system is simplified, consolidating all your individual journey fees and ancillary charges into one itemised monthly invoice.

The GT Suite enables 24/7 access to detailed MI reporting. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, manage riders, monitor spend, and view journey information and expenditure by individual cost centres or departments.

Looking at longer-term hires? Our Select Plus product is a cost-effective alternative to daily rental and long-term vehicle leasing. With no long-term contracts, upfront costs, or early termination penalties, Select Plus offers daily rental flexibility at considerably reduced rates.

For the environmentally conscious, our EV Plus product is perfect for hybrid and electric vehicle hire over 3 months. Ideal as an interim vehicle solution, it offers BiK savings for employees on probation or waiting for a new company car delivery, acting as a fantastic recruitment tool.

Lastly, for those in need of a shared transport solution, our car clubs offer a cost-effective alternative to using in-house pool cars, company cars, and daily rental vehicles. With easy online reservations, our virtual fleet is ready for your needs.

At Fleetondemand, we're all about making vehicle rentals affordable and straightforward, letting you focus on what matters most – your business.


Imagine the luxury of finding, booking, and managing all your ground travel services under one roof. With GT Suite, you get instant access to a broad range of integrated transport providers, ensuring your workforce is never stuck. It's an advanced mobility platform that keeps your employees on the move 24/7.

The latest version of our GT Suite has a re-engineered booking flow, a dashboard-driven user interface, and is built for speed and responsiveness. Its tech stack, which includes React and Semantic UI, ensures that customers have a class-leading user experience.

Curious about your current hire vehicle details or want to keep an eye on P11D or any vehicle audit history? We've got you covered. Updating vehicle mileage and workflow becomes simple with our regular notifications.

The stress of managing rentals? It's a thing of the past. With built-in policy tools, you can book, extend, cancel, amend, or off-hire your rentals without breaking a sweat. Our GT Suite serves as your all-in-one driver tool.

We don't stop there. Our central fleet function allows you to check vehicles, record images, and upload notes, ensuring accurate reporting and helping you trim costs. All your ground transport needs are fully integrated into one platform. Whether it's vehicle hire, international rental, taxi, long-term rental or car sharing, it's all just a click away.

Our platform offers a new retailing experience for travel bookers. Making bookings in seconds and easily accessing all your bookings and driver's details has never been simpler.

Your dashboard is your command centre. Perform all your tasks right from there, with quick links and arguably the slickest user interface in the market. And if you ever need support, our experienced customer service team is always ready to lend a helping hand.

And the cherry on top? Customisable, on-demand reporting. With our ground transport intelligence dashboard, achieving your ground transportation service objectives is no longer a daunting task. So, say goodbye to the old ways and embrace the ease of technology with Fleetondemand.


As a fleet manager or business travel manager, you need flexible, efficient, and reliable options to keep your business moving forward.

Our FOD Ride service offers on-demand and pre-booked taxi and chauffeur services for shorter, one-way journeys. It provides real-time vehicle tracking and updates, making online booking a breeze. Moreover, you have access to one of the world's largest networks of taxis spanning 125 countries and 1,600 cities, with all expenses conveniently managed through a consolidated business account.

With FOD Share, we provide flexible UK-wide car and van sharing. Whether you need a vehicle for an hour, a day or longer, you can choose from over 2,400 shared access cars and vans in 180+ locations nationwide. The service includes all servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover, and vehicle cleaning. We can also offer exclusive onsite vehicles for your employees which reduces the admin burden of processing mileage and expense claims and/or arranging safety checks for grey fleet vehicles. Plus, our dedicated team can integrate our car-sharing technology into your existing fleet, streamlining the management and reporting of your vehicles.

For longer-term needs, our Select Plus and EV Plus options offer mid-term car and van hire with no long-term contracts, upfront costs, or early termination penalties. Select Plus is designed to bridge the gap between daily rental and long-term leasing, giving you the freedom and flexibility of daily rental at substantially reduced rates, with no contractual tie-ins, initial costs or expensive termination charges. Once the 90-day minimum hire period has ended, you can easily adapt your fleet to suit your needs, making changes swiftly to align with the dynamic needs of your business.

You can choose a specific make and model from a range of manual and automatic cars and vans, all typically less than six months old and fully equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and satellite navigation. Select Plus vehicles are available for immediate delivery to your home or office address and can be collected at the end of the rental period. We value your peace of mind, which is why our rates include an annual mileage allowance of 25,000 miles.


Picture this: you're juggling a fleet of diverse vehicles and drivers scattered across the country, or even internationally. It's a tough job, right? Well, imagine if you had access to over 450 integrated suppliers at your fingertips, presenting you with an incredible choice of over 600,000 rental vehicles from more than 2,200 rental branches. At Fleetondemand, that's exactly what we're offering.

Say goodbye to spending hours scouring different suppliers for the right fit, because we have it covered. From car-derived vans and pick-ups to panel vans, Luton tail lifts, minibuses, coaches, and even the specialist 10-tonne box vans, our extensive network will have a vehicle to suit your needs. Need something a bit more bespoke? Whether it's racking, ply lining, tow bars, company livery, or even reversing sensors and cameras, we can source it.

Perhaps there's a challenging situation, a need for a specific type of vehicle that’s difficult to find or in short supply? We've got a team of experts ready to help you navigate these tricky waters. Whether it's motorbikes, wheelchair accessible vehicles, refrigerated vans, or HGVs, our range is as diverse as the sectors we serve.

And let's talk about flexibility. We all know that business needs can change at the drop of a hat. Our competitive rates and flexible rental durations – be it daily, weekly, monthly, or annual – mean we can roll with the punches alongside you. The power to choose is in your hands, making managing your fleet smoother and more straightforward than ever.

Customer Support

At Fleetondemand, we understand that as a fleet or business travel manager, you have a multitude of responsibilities. That's why we offer exceptional customer support to streamline your tasks and ensure smooth operations.

Firstly, our in-house service delivery centre (SDC) is staffed by industry experts who are readily available to assist you and your workforce. We are guided by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), meaning you can expect the highest standards of service.

We believe in personalisation, which is why you'll have a dedicated account manager who serves as your single point of contact. They work closely with our SDC and finance teams to ensure you're receiving the best possible service. Whether you're considering outsourcing your entire rental process or keeping it in-house, your account manager can tailor a solution that's flexible, cost-effective, and most importantly, suited to your specific needs.

Our finance team are also on-hand to provide support. They're committed to ensuring that every single billing detail is accurate for each vehicle or journey you book with us, boasting an unrivalled invoice accuracy rate of over 99%.

But our support doesn't stop there. We're proud to offer an industry-leading live chat service where our experienced customer service team is ready to answer your queries promptly. This instant access to our support team ensures you're never left without help when you need it most.

Recognising the importance of cost efficiency in your role, we offer fully managed rental services that include cost reduction advice and consultancy. Our team can guide you on the best practices to save costs without compromising on quality or service.

Finally, we stand on a strong foundation of over 30 years of service excellence. This rich experience, combined with our cutting-edge technology, equips us to bring transformative solutions to your business. So, when you choose Fleetondemand, you're choosing a partner who's not just an expert in fleet management, but also a steadfast ally in your success.

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Outsourcing ground transportation management to a specialist provider like Fleetondemand is a strategic move that can offer tangible benefits in an increasingly complex and fast-paced business environment. For both fleet managers and business travel managers, outsourcing offers a streamlined, cost-efficient, and technologically advanced solution to a multi-faceted challenge.

From managing vehicle maintenance, navigating regulations, and leveraging the latest technologies, to ensuring traveller satisfaction, compliance with corporate policies and duty of care, a dedicated ground transportation provider can significantly alleviate the burden and complexity of in-house management.

By doing so, it allows you to focus on your core competencies, enhance service quality, and improve the efficiency of your operations. The investment in a partnership with an expert provider could very well translate into improved operational efficiencies, cost savings, and a better user experience for your customers or employees.

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