Bigger is better: Fleetondemand’s vehicle supply network  

UK vehicle parc
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In 2022, UK fleet managers and business vehicle rental customers faced significant challenges due to a sharp decline in the supply of new cars, primarily affecting the daily rental sector. This situation, exacerbated by a global semiconductor shortage and geopolitical tensions from the war in Ukraine, led to a constrained market, with new car volumes for rental plummeting by 72%.

The scarcity forced fleet managers to deal with longer vehicle delivery lead times and adapt to changing conditions, including extended service lifecycles for existing fleets and reliance on rentals as interim mobility solutions. Rental providers were compelled to adjust their fleet strategies, extending vehicle lifecycles to manage the increased demand and delayed deliveries.

For fleet managers and business vehicle rental customers in the UK, 2023 was a significant year as the new car market saw considerable growth, especially in fleet investments, recording a 17.9% increase with 1.903 million new cars on the road.

Fleet deliveries surged by 38.7% due to eased supply constraints and pent-up demand, showcasing a robust rebound in the sector. The trend towards low and zero-emission vehicles was also notable, with business and fleet buyers leading the uptake of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which accounted for one in six new cars registered.

This shift reflects compelling tax incentives for businesses and highlights an ongoing transition towards more sustainable fleet operations. The growth in BEV registrations indicates a strong move toward electrification, influenced by government mandates and incentives, signalling a transformative period for fleet management in the UK with a focus on environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.

How large is the UK’s vehicle parc?

Building on the dynamic transformation in the UK fleet management sector, the scale of the vehicle parc comes into focus. According to the latest 2023 BVRLA research, the short-term rental fleet of their UK member network comprises 228,341 cars, 214,706 light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and 15,604 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), totalling 458,651 vehicles.

Fleetondemand plays a significant role in this landscape, partnering with the BVRLA’s rental supply members to cover the majority of the UK’s short-term vehicle rental parc with its diverse array of cars, EVs, light commercial, and specialist vehicles.

This substantial coverage underscores the importance of selecting a reliable rental provider like Fleetondemand, which ensures a broad and accessible range of vehicles, mitigating the risk of unfulfilled bookings - a common pitfall when dealing with less established or smaller networks.

Fleetondemand's comprehensive service and extensive fleet availability set it apart, guaranteeing that customer needs are met efficiently and effectively through the provision of an extensive choice of vehicles, unrivalled geographic coverage and highly competitive pricing.

Our strategic partners

Fleetondemand has established longstanding partnerships with the world’s largest international vehicle rental suppliers, along with an ever-growing network of regional and specialist suppliers. This unique partnership model helps us to offer superior geographic coverage and makes sure that our clients have access to the widest possible selection of vehicles, along with competitive rates due to our buying power.

Unlike relying on a single independent provider, our unique approach guarantees that you benefit from a holistic view of the rental landscape. This comprehensive approach ensures you secure the best deals, can cover regions that may be otherwise inaccessible and gain access to an extensive range of rental options, including Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Hybrid models, catering to the growing need for sustainable and cost-effective transport solutions.

With our Select Plus and EV Plus mid-term vehicle hire services (90+ days), we facilitate fast lead-in times for various business requirements, from temporary hires during probationary periods to long-term projects and sustainable fleet expansions. Here’s how our services can greatly benefit fleet managers in various scenarios:

  • Business expansion into new markets: With Select Plus, businesses can hire vehicles on a flexible basis while avoiding long-term commitments and reacting to market dynamics.
  • Seasonal demand fluctuations: Select Plus offers cost-effective solutions for companies needing vehicles during peak seasonal periods without the financial strain of long-term leases.
  • Emergency or unplanned vehicle repairs: Fleet managers can take advantage of our streamlined process to quickly secure replacement vehicles ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Specialist vehicle requirements: Tailor your fleet with specific makes and models, including a wide range of BHEV and Hybrid vehicles to meet sustainability goals.
  • Cost-effective fleet operations: Avoid upfront costs and long-term commitments with the ability to extend, amend or off-hire at the end of the minimum 90 day hire period.
  • Supporting remote or rural operations: Our nationwide delivery and flexible terms ensure remote workers and field teams have the vehicles they need promptly.

The foundation of our service is built on the fact that no matter the requirement, location, or scale, our clients have immediate access to the best vehicles and rates.

Dedicated account team

Fleetondemand differentiates itself as a premier intermediary in the vehicle rental industry, offering a seamless blend of expansive network benefits and the personalised service typical of smaller providers. At the core of our service is dedicated account management, ensuring that from collection to return, every step of the rental process is handled with care and professionalism. Businesses can concentrate on their primary activities, trusting in our team to manage their rental needs efficiently.

Upon partnering with Fleetondemand, clients receive the full support of an in-house onboarding and relationship management team, including our Chief Operating Officer (COO) as their board-level account sponsor, alongside experienced finance and Service Delivery Centre (SDC) representatives. This trio ensures direct communication, personalised support, and swift decision-making, setting us apart from experiences where clients face reduced service provision or limited communication processes, that can often be associated with less established rental suppliers.

Our commitment to quality is underscored by our Total Quality Management (TQM) principles, which govern our internal quality assurance program, ensuring high service standards across all touchpoints, including invoicing and vehicle quality. This contrasts with common experiences where customers may have encountered subpar vehicle conditions or last-minute unfulfilled bookings when dealing with other rental providers.

Fleetondemand’s SDC collaborates with clients to tailor user profiles, booking controls, vehicle group restrictions, and data capture, aligning with company policies and ensuring a fit-for-purpose fleet. Furthermore, our comprehensive fines and damage management service is handled with transparency and fairness, reflecting our dedication to maintaining not just vehicles, but also customer trust and satisfaction.

Through these measures, Fleetondemand offers customers a complete end-to-end vehicle rental management service.

Award-winning GT Suite ground transportation platform

Fleetondemand's award-winning GT Suite platform stands out in the vehicle rental industry for its bespoke, ground-up development. Crafted meticulously over the years by our skilled tech team, GT Suite is a trusted tool used by many of our rental suppliers for their own customers to book and manage vehicles. This in-house creation gives us unparalleled control and customisation, allowing us to tailor the customer interface and data provision to meet specific needs effectively.

What sets the GT Suite apart is its engine, powered by React and Semantic UI, which guarantees a user-friendly experience, enabling swift and efficient booking and rental management. This sophisticated platform is designed to streamline the booking process, allowing users to secure their preferred transport mode in less than 20 seconds, a testament to its speed and efficiency.

The GT Suite's capabilities extend beyond mere booking to encompass comprehensive policy and restriction management. It provides robust authorisation controls, facilitating seamless enforcement of travel policies and cost management. The platform's design is intuitively user-centric, simplifying the complexities of rental management while offering extensive insights through detailed reporting.

Through the GT Suite, Fleetondemand not only delivers a seamless rental experience but also empowers businesses with the tools to manage their travel needs effectively, showcasing our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the vehicle rental market.

Central to our approach is the dedicated trio of customer support, including account management, which adopts a consultative strategy. Our account managers collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and challenges. Through this partnership, we conduct financial modelling and analysis, helping businesses to identify and implement the most cost-effective and efficient ground transport solutions.

By leveraging the GT Suite, clients can easily book and manage these services, benefitting from our expertise in finding the right mix of car sharing services, taxis, and traditional rentals. This consultative and customised approach ensures that each client receives a tailored solution, maximising efficiency and satisfaction through our in-depth understanding and innovative use of technology.

Interested in trying GT Suite?

Our completely free-to-use platform gives you access to more vehicles, more locations, and more choice than any other vehicle rental provider. Give us a call or book a demo with our customer support team and get started.