Alex & Josh attend digital marketing masterclass

Monochrome photo of two employees with visitor passes in front of a Google Digital Garage stand in Manchester.
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On Tuesday 5th of March, Alex and Josh attended a Digital Travel Masterclass in Manchester hosted by Leeds based marketing agency Journey Further. It was hosted at Manchester’s very own Google Digital Garage and was a very insightful experience for the team here at Fleetondemand.

Presentations kicked off at 12pm after a fantastic lunch that was provided. Each of the four workshops were very interesting and allowed both Alex and Josh to study and learn more about advanced marketing techniques. Josh was particularly interested in the PR and granular PPC classes.

It was a great opportunity for the Digital Marketing team at Fleetondemand to get out and speak to people within the travel industry and network with people from all ends of the travel market spectrum.

Josh and Alex enjoyed the day and are eager to attend any future events of the same nature. The knowledge that they took away will help Fleetondemand in building and selling our product.

A big thank you to Journey Further who hosted a fantastic day – a very welcoming set of people and we hope to see you all again soon.