Leasing Companies

Connecting leasing to mobility

Fleetondemand can help power mobility solutions for leasing companies via white labeling services, allowing our functionality and technology to be presented in your brand to your customers. Alternatively, leasing companies can access our API to embed our technology directly into their own mobility solutions or applications.

Our development and delivery team can help work alongside your in-house teams to make this process as smooth and effective as possible.

Leasing Company Features

White Labelled Solutions

We deliver a white labelled version of our mobility product to clients that need to retain their own branding for their customers.

API Access

Your technology can integrate with our D4M API so that your applications and users can take advantage of all of our solution’s functionality.

Customer Care

We provide first-in-class customer care for our clients that need help integrating our API with their system or require a white labelled service.

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