How does our platform work?

Transport is changing – Why isn’t Fleet or Travel?

The onset of on-demand is changing the way we do things. It’s changing the way our business and employees move. This means conventional fleet and travel has a problem. How do they change and power new mobility solutions? Today’s businesses need a modern, consumer-centric technology platform that can keep up and one that empowers you to build the specific mobility solutions that best suit your business.

That’s where the Drive for Mobility platform comes in.

Our platform

The D4M platform has been built by a management team and engineering team with an unrivaled track record in the fleet and mobility space. We’ve gained many years’ experience integrating transportation supply chain into class-leading technology solutions and work with major global organisations through to powering SME experiences.

Our Drive for Mobility platform is the first to consolidate all modes of business transportation into one single engine which has been built from the ground up to address business mobility needs on a global basis.



The D4M platform can power any mobility solution and be configured around your own mobility objectives. We can take any target MaaS model and use our powerful API to deliver the exact specification and supply chain required for users. D4M is completely decoupled from any one supplier so you can choose from existing suppliers or add new suppliers at any time.


We’ve integrated the market and continue to add suppliers globally via our API lounge. This freedom and content give us the capability to connect suppliers via your own terms or market ready turnkey terms. From flights, car hire, car clubs, ride hailing, taxi, parking or your own assets, D4M has every scenario covered to deliver a class-leading mobility product to customers.


Integral to mobility is the ability to find, book and pay for available modes of business transport. Flexible payment options across account, card, virtual card or gateways (such as PayPal) are essential for a fluid customer experience. D4M is capable of one or all payment methods via simple configuration.

Powerful data

The outputs of everything our platform contains are readily available in customisable business intelligence dashboards. We discover your target mobility model and objectives and provide you with the precise data visualisation and reporting to drive insights. Data is at the heart of the D4M platform and drives content, bookings, profiles, learning, scheduling, contextual information, payment and business intelligence.