Did you know

Did you know


The purpose of this section on our monthly newsletter is to highlight key areas of functionality that you may not be aware of in the system. Each month we’ll go through what each piece of functionality does and how you can use it to your advantage.

New Billing functionality

The system now has the ability to email link to invoices directly from the platform. These links can be sent to any CUI/OUI user and helps to introduce your customers to the CUI.

Anywhere you see the above icon next to an invoice; you can click through to show you the following screen:

From here you can send out your invoice links. These are useful for sending copy invoices to your customers on an individual basis.

To bulk send invoices you can also use the “email invoice” link displayed at the bottom of the validated invoices billing screen.

We also have a completely automated process that you can set up per customer. This will create summary invoices, automatically process single sales/purchase invoices to ready for ledger and create your edi files. These can be scheduled for certain days of the week or on the last day of the month at a specific time.

Operator Vehicle Group setup

One of the core components of an Operator’s system is the Operator vehicle group. This setup can now be completely customised by an OUI user via the system configuration. You can choose to display your vehicle groups in whichever order you feel most relevant; by date added to the system, by vehicle group code, by the vehicle group example text or a completely customised list, as shown below:

From here you can also choose to add your own new vehicle groups, or edit your existing ones, by selecting the vehicle group code from the list.



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