Month: November 2018

Fleetondemand are very excited to welcome Andrew Cope to the company as Executive Chairman. Forming an alliance between two of the most prestigious entrepreneur names in the fleet industry, we are now expecting to be able to fully accommodate the rapid growth Fleetondemand will be making within the near future. This appointment was made following […]Continue reading

As Fleetondemand develops at a promising rate, we are excited to see our Service Delivery Team expand also. With the introduction of four new members coming from a variety of backgrounds our new team is ready to deliver the best possible services to our customers. Our newest additions to the S.D.C team are Bradley, Hannah, […]Continue reading

After a busy few months at Fleetondemand, the launch of our MaaS platform Mobilleo and countless amounts of new faces in the office we are ready to present the next edition of FOD Futures. This month we are focusing on two of Fleetondemand’s new additions to our apprenticeship program, Noah and Pearce. We are committed […]Continue reading